As far as real estate mantras go, there’s one that never misses the mark: As the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf continues to grow, so are the chances of investing in it for the long term. To buy property in Dubai is not an opportunity to shy away from. With the plethora of choices at one’s fingertips, buyers are diligently on the look for, not just the best deal, but for the multidimensional return on their investment.
Enter Dubai Sports City and its Canal Residence West project. Developed along the banks of DSC’s canal to be the master development’s unmistakable heart, CRW’s mix of old school architectural charm and modern amenities make it one of the most sought-after projects in New Dubai. A combination residential/commercial development that radiates energy from every corner, its three already soaring towers offer potential investors the chance to experience a vibe unlike any other in town.


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